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where’s my comfort in the undefined?

where’s my comfort in the undefined?

mokawaimofo said: I'm going to see Pierce the Veil/Sleeping with Sirens on their world tour and I saw Beartooth was going to be playing with them, I know you're a fan so can you recommend any songs for me to listen to before I see them? :) Please and thank you xoxo

One more, me in my own mind, sick and disgusting, I have a problem

copingwithsociety said: Did you have any fears when you found out you were pregnant?

Just wanted my baby to be healthy. I was afraid of that not happening.

iamadinobiotch said: Hai there, Lainey. I have gotten some annon hate for being a fan of yours, and I just wanted to say that will not stop me. You're awesome, and just a wonderful person. Stay beautiful! :3

Thank you so much! :)

eyesintheskys said: Hey Lainey, Will you ever get another dog p.s I think you and Greg are AMAZING!

We don’t have enough time to handle 3 dogs right now.

lexluther99 said: What bands are you planning on seeing in concert this year?

Taking back Sunday, the used, and Frank iero

faggotwhoreslutbitchcuntdickanal said: Fan of A Day To Remember?

Yep! Saw them in 2011

ksdad8620 said: I was wondering if you could tell me how hard or easy breastfeeding was for you? I plan on breastfeeding my newest little addition, and I'm not sure what to expect. :( All I've heard were horror stories.

It was hard for the first couple of months. Now, it feels like second nature.

awkwardturtleme said: Hi Lainey!!! I really do love ya, you're just so undeniably AWESOME. I just wanted to ask how Toby was doing? In a general sense. I don't want to get all creepy-stalkery, like how many seconds old he is, or how close to his great dad he is, or how often his mom breastfeeds him. Just, how is he? :)

Who’s Toby?