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Save your breath for someone else.

Q&A happening over at :)

somethin2dream4 said: Are u excited for PTV's and SWS's World Tour?!?!

Nope, they’re not playing here

oh-sleepy-eyes said: hey i know you get a lot of this but in all seriousness you are a huge inspiration and i adore your wisdom and beauty and you impact me quite a bit. im truly proud of everything that you have been through and how many things you have done in such a short life and your perspective on the world. stay lovely. <3

Thank you so much.

thepatchworklioness said: Do you ever draw? You seem like a very artistic person to me :D <3

No… I took a drawing class in the fall and I enjoyed it but I’m not great at it. I’d love to learn more.

deliriousvalerie said: Heeeey c: Okay, I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant & I'm getting extremely self conscious about my body. I was wondering how long it took you to get back to your pre pregnancy weight or how much you've lost so far if you aren't your pre pregnancy weight yet?

It took me about 2-3 months to get back to pre-pregnancy weight & now I’m 2 pounds lighter than that.

I’m having a Q&A on my Twitter :)

someonewhojustwokeup said: Wait you're pregnant

No I’m not

myh0meisthe-0cean said: Are you and Greg okay? ;-;


panicchords said: you won the genetic lottery holy shit


bigboimike909 said: Why are you so beautiful. And what color lg g3 did you get

I got black