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misseviechops said: Does Troy have a middle name?


♡ these are beautiful times ♡

♡ these are beautiful times ♡

jagmasterv3 said: When greg made sexist gymnastics where u pregnate? and if so how did u not get a big tummy like most of the other girls

No I wasn’t pregnant.

heygurlhey322 said: i am probably asking a really dumb question that every one knows but do you have a real child with greg just wanted to know :)


bornoflegend said: I drew you a picture and I was wondering if you saw it or not cx have a nice day! <3

I don’t think I have!

carolinestock25 said: What motivates you?

My son.

zeldaislifepigs said: Do you think that since Troy and Greg are like twins if you have a girl do you think she'll look like you?

Probably not. I think Greg has strong genes. He’s starting to look more like me now.

zeldaislifepigs said: Does Troy cry a lot?

No not really

bincarvd23 said: Of Mice And Men or Bring Me The Horizon???

Of Mice